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We had a talk with Paulina!
22 februari 2018

We had a talk with Paulina!

Hello Paulina, or maybe I can say Pau or Mania like the girls calls you! :) 

How are you today?
- I’m very good today, little bit tired but it’s ok.

What do you think about the weather here in Boden?
- Hahah it’s like survival outside, I prefer to stay home most of the time. But it’s better with the sun lately, in december it was really depressing. Good it’s over now!


Congratulation to a really good game against Kristianstad! 
How do you think the game was?
- It was very good game, we were focused from the begining till the end and we were tough in defence, opponent had big problems to score and we were scoring easy goals in fastbreak, i think that was the key to victory.

How is the feeling in the team?
- Atmosphere is really good, with fighting spirit, we might be tired sometimes, but we win so i don’t care about it.


And now you play against Skuru away at saturday, what do you think about that game?
- I think it will be one of the most difficult games to play, but I know that we can win if we will be as focused as during our last games.

What is important for us?
- I think it’s important to practise hard, be focused and show good handball for our fans.

What is important for you?
- For me it’s important to improve my skills and be a better player.






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