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We had a talk with Mariana!
18 januari 2018

We had a talk with Mariana!

Hey ”Maja”!

How are you today?
I´m good! Excited to play home again.

How was the game in Västerås?
It was a good game overall. We are coming closer to our idea as a team and things are finally coming together. The last 15 minutes of the game are still a hard period for us but we are getting better.

How is the feeling in the team?
After the game there was a mixed feeling in the team because we got one point that is good but we also feel that we could of won the game and take the two points.

And now you play against Eslöv at sunday, what do you think about that game?
I think it’s a team that has its qualities but we know them well and after the victory in the last game with them we don’t settle for less.

What is important for us?
To control the all game and stay inside the idea we have but above all to get two points.

What is important for you?
For me it’s important to help the team as much as I can, in any way I can.



Good luck at sunday! 

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